The Basic Principles Of scientology sekte

The Basic Principles Of scientology sekte

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On the subject of Scientology's position as a religion, the German governing administration has pointed into a 1995 final decision through the Federal Labor Court docket of Germany.[13] That courtroom, noting Hubbard's instruction that Scientologists should really "make money, make more money – make Other individuals produce so as to make more cash", came for the conclusion that "Scientology purports to be a 'church' simply as a cover to go after its economic pursuits".[thirteen] In exactly the same decision, the courtroom also observed that Scientology works by using "inhuman and totalitarian practices".[13] Presented the teachings of Germany's twentieth-century record, during which the region came for being dominated by a fascist motion that commenced from similarly small beginnings, Germany is incredibly wary of any ideological motion That may look like trying to get a placement of complete electrical power.

Scientology is just not a dogmatic religion where 1 is asked to just accept something on faith alone. On the contrary, 1 discovers for oneself that the rules of Scientology are genuine by applying its rules and observing or experiencing the results.

The Court went on to condition that a faith did not need to be theistic, Which a religion included both perception and behavior ... This circumstance remains the major situation in Australia defining faith, which is cited in other courts and nations likewise." ^

Het woord scientology heeft een eigen geschiedenis. In 1934 publiceerde de Argentijns-Duitse schrijver Anastasius Nordenholz een boek waarin het woord positief gebruikt wordt: Scientologie, Wissenschaft von der Beschaffenheit und der Tauglichkeit des Wissens (Scientology, wetenschap van de aard en de deugdelijkheid van kennis). Nordenholz' boek onderzoekt het bewustzijn, en zijn gebruik van het woord verschilt weinig van de definitie van Hubbard: "weten hoe te weten".

When you have these in place, you’ll wish to consistently espouse them in your entire interaction.

Het totaal van deze ervaringen werkt negatief op iemands capaciteiten en op het zelfbesef als een "geestelijk wezen" en wordt reactief verstand (Eng. reactive thoughts) genoemd (zie ook fianetica). In betekenis en result komt dit overeen satisfied het begrip karma uit het hindoeïsme en ihre Erklärung boeddhisme.

Scientology uses an psychological classification program known as the tone scale.[one hundred sixty five] The tone scale is a Resource Utilized in auditing; Scientologists maintain that being aware of a person's position on the size can make it much easier to predict her or his actions and assists in bettering his or her problem.[166]

Beginning in the midst of 1996 and ensuing for numerous yrs, the newsgroup was attacked by nameless functions employing a tactic dubbed sporgery by some, in the shape of many Countless cast spam messages posted on the group.

Any practitioner of Scientology can Look into this chart and see particularly wherever they are in partnership to the ultimate goal of Scientology (overall flexibility).

Protester against Scientology, holding an indication which reads: "Which kind of church can make its staff have abortions"

Narconon is a Scientology organization marketing the theories of founder L. Ron Hubbard about compound abuse therapy and addiction.

As pointed out with the religious scholar Hubert Seiwert, Scientology arrived to generally be observed to be a "critical political Threat that not diese Site sehen only threatened to show persons into will-much less zombies, but was also conspiring to overthrow the democratic constitution of your condition".[30] This perspective of Scientology as being a public enemy, Seiwert adds, "became a make a difference of political correctness": senior political figures turned involved in launching strategies in opposition to Scientology, and becoming suspected of any association with it resulted in social ostracism.

Federal government publications on the hazards of sects greater involving 1996 and 1998, and a significant variety of them handled the Church of Scientology.[30] The German courts had authorised these publications in 1989, viewing them as part of the government's duty to help keep the general public educated, and locating that they didn't interfere with spiritual flexibility.

Nonetheless, the vital point to notice here is usually that the simplest sorts of quizzes for cult-constructing purposes are ones that beste Seite happen to be non-threatening to take, but do an excellent task of mentioning the problems men and women are dealing with and major them to on a path the place they will increase claimed issues.

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